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Risk in Contemporary Economy

ISSN 2067-0532     ISSN-L 2344-5386

Dunarea de Jos University of Galati, Romania

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Publication opportunities

Starting with RCE 2021

International Journal of Governance and Financial Intermediation (IJGFI)

Conditions for selected conference papers to be considered for further publication in IJGFI:
  • The submitted paper must have been substantially revised, expanded and rewritten so that it is significantly different from the conference paper or presentation on which it is based.
  • Before final acceptance, Editors should be satisfied that the paper is sufficiently different to make it a new, original work. This is unlikely to be the case if less than 50% of the paper is clearly new. This is a matter of judgment that should be based on a comparison of the submitted paper with the original conference paper.
  • All such papers should be subject to the same review process as any other submitted paper.
  • The paper must contain a statement fully acknowledging the original conference paper: This paper is a revised and expanded version of a paper entitled [title] presented at [name, location and date of conference].
  • It is a further requirement that if the original conference paper on which the extended paper is based has been published elsewhere, or its copyright has been assigned to the conference organizers or another party, Editors should ensure that the authors have cleared any necessary permissions with the copyright owner. Articles cannot be accepted, post-review, for publication unless such written permissions have been provided along with Author Copyright Agreement forms.

Selected papers from the conference section: Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility could be published in the Special Issue "From Green Marketing to Green Innovation" of Sustainability journal, indexed in Web of Science, Impact Factor: 2,576.

Submissions for this Special Issue should focus on the following topics:
  • Green marketing and sustainable growth
  • Green marketing and consumer behavior
  • Green marketing challenges
  • Green marketing strategies and marketing mix
  • Green entrepreneurial marketing
  • International green marketing
  • New products and/ or services and green marketing
  • Green marketing and sustainable consumer
  • Consumer behavior and green marketing strategies
  • Green marketing and innovation
  • Green/eco business
  • Green/eco entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable value proposition design
  • Abstracting & Indexing

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