International Conference

Risk in Contemporary Economy

ISSN 2067-0532     ISSN-L 2344-5386

Dunarea de Jos University of Galati, Romania

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Conference proceedings RCE 2019


A Study on Open-Source Wiki Platforms
Lixăndroiu Radu
Maican Cătălin
Dovleac Lavinia

Population - Poverty Relationship and Territorial Development
Daniela Nechita

Stock Prices Behavior Before and After Friday the 13th
Ramona Dumitriu
Razvan Stefanescu

Tourism Pressure in the Top Destinations in Romania
Iulian Adrian Șorcaru

Dynamic creation of visual components in C# language
Lupasc Adrian

Investigating the Causes of the Current Labor Shortage in Romania
Manea Ludmila Daniela
Vîrlănuță Florina Oana
Muntean Mihaela Carmen

Tourism and Travel can Effectively Benefit from Technologies Associated with Industry 4.0
Vasile Mazilescu

The Impact of Global Climate Change and Global Warming on Public Health and Welfare Cost From Exposure to Environmental Risks
Rodica Pripoaie

Virtual Assistants in Tourism
Maria Cristina Enache
Constantin Avram
Robert Rusu
Marius Geru

The Analysis of Constructions in the Evaluation Activity
Mihaela-Cristina Onica
Gianita Bleoju

How the Emergencies State are Positioning in the New Global Economic Order
Valentin Sava
Manuela-Violeta Tureatcă
Daniela Ludmila Manea

The Importance of Integrating Digital Marketing within the Sales Strategy of Luxury Brands
Zaif Alexandra
Cerchia Alina Elena

Approaches on the Vulnerability of Romania's Economy in Terms of Budget Deficit and Inflation in a Continuous Form
Monica Laura Zlati
Valentin Marian Antohi
Romeo Victor Ionescu

A New Cost in Measuring Investment Performance - Cost of non – Intervention
Andreea – Mariana Manta
Cristina Dima
Marin Andreica

Theoretical and Practical Approaches to Environmental Performance
Teodor Hada
Nicoleta Bărbuţă-Mişu
Teodora Maria Avram

Methodological Framework for Investment Projects' Development (Design and Construction)
Virgil Profeanu
Andreea – Mariana Manta

Cross-border Cooperation and the Impact of Cross-border Financing Programs on the Local Development at the Eastern Borders of Romania
Adrian Buta
Mihaela Neculita
Raluca Vasile Rusu

Assessing the Impact of European Funding on Local Development
Florina Bran
Mihaela Minciu
Razvan Catalin Dobrea
Carmen Valentina Radulescu

Export and Competitiveness of the Wine Sector Products of the Republic of Moldova in the Conditions of European Economic Integration
Elena Timofti
Romeo Cereteu

An Analysis of the Role of SMEs in Economic Development
Cristinel Constantin

Co-Payment(Co-Financing) Patiens Diagnosed with Arterial Hipertension and Dislipidemia
Doina Margaritti

Doing Business in Moldova. Case Study: Analysis of the Agri-food Sector
Mihaela Munteanu (Pila)
Silvius Stanciu

Analysis of the Evolution of Foreign Trade and the Trade Balance of Romania in the Last 25 Years
Rodica Pripoaie

The Verification and Monitoring of the Quality of the Evaluation Activity of Goods
Mihaela-Cristina Onica

Quality of Products of the Wine Sector of the Republic of Moldova – A Stimulation Leverage in Promoting the Image and Ensuring the Export on the Partner Country Markets
Romeo Cereteu
Elena Timofti

The Economic Dimension of A Decision on a Territorial Exchange: Southern Bessarabia for Northern Dobruja
Razvan Stefanescu
Ramona Dumitriu

Transition to Circular Economy. Solutions for an Intelligent City
Dragos Horia Buhociu
Florin Marian Buhociu
Ioana Lazarescu
Laura-Delia Angheluta

The Apple Business, the „Statistical Lump in the Neck” of the Samsung Business
Gabriela Opaiţ

Rural Development in a Cross-border Context Case Study: Romania-R. Moldova
Balasan Daniela Lavinia
Florin - Marian Buhociu

The Impact of the Development of Shale Gas on the Algerian Economy in the Presence of Uncertainties on Exports
Ouchene Amal

Management Theories on Leadership in Pre-University Education
Veronica-Claudia Istratie (Achim)
Ruxandra Georgescu
Gabriela Daniela Bulacu

Intercultural Education - Motivating and Growing Factor of the Didactic Act among Teachers and Pupils
Irina Antoaneta Tănăsescu
Monica Raducan

Neo-Weberian State – a Possible Life-Belt for Low-Developed Countries of Continental Europe
Cezara Fetescu

Compаrаtive Аnаlysis between Reform Strаtegies of Ministries of Foreign Аffаirs
Аdriаnа Mаtei
Fanel Nicu
Tincuta Vrabie
Radu Petrariu

The Current State of the Tourist Market in Ukraine: Assessment and Prospects for Development
Bulgaru Natalia
Susanu Irina
Cristache Nicoleta
Colan Aura
Coroban Laurentiu

Teacher's Profile in the Context of Changing in the School Organization
Florentina Ciulei (Ionescu)
Angela Morlovea

Empirical Evidence on Museums Relationships with Stakeholders
Cosmin Ilie

Globalization and Intercultural Management
Ruxandra Georgescu
Gabriela Daniela Bulacu
Claudia Istratie (Achim)

Modification of Wald and Savage Decision Criteria for Monopoly Market
Lilian Golban

Technological and Societal Changes in School Management
Maria Cristina Şerb (Tanislav)

Methods of Risk Management at the Banking Level
Violeta Elena Drãgoi
Adelina Nicoleta Nicolescu

Marketing Mix Approaches in Educational Services and Public Administration
Geanina Colan
Tincuța Vrabie
Monica Răducan

Tax Planning and its Legally Hazardous Instruments
Bianca Cristina Ciocanea
Ioan Cosmin Pitu
Mihaela Paraschiva Luca

Public Auditors' Professionalization at International Level
Iliodor Tiberiu Pleșa

Qualities of Coachers and Mentors – Defining Elements for Facilitating Performance
Micu Angela-Eliza
Popa Daniel

A Model for Analyzing the Efficiency of SEO and Adwords Campaigns in the Romanian and American Online Media
Irina Olimpia Susanu
Daniela Damian
Constantin Avram
Robert Rusu

Current Elements Regarding Risk Management in Insurance Companies
Ciprian Matiş

Motivation, a Determining Factor in Organizational Performance. Case study at ALPHA Asigurări SA
Bogdan Ștefănescu
Diana Elena Ștefănescu
Elena Loredana Comănescu
Ioana Antoaneta Ponea (Radu)

Motivation of Employees in the Public Institutions
Evelyne Ingrid Mitu
Loredana Comanescu

Design Thinking: The Power of Customer-centric Approach to Problem Solving
Rozalia Nistor
Mihaela-Carmen Muntean
Ludmila Daniela Manea
Florina Oana Virlanuta

Integrating Augmented Reality in the Social Media Platforms. The Users’ Perspective
Alina Simona Tecau
Bianca Tescasiu
Cristinel Petrişor Constantin

Risks and Banking Performance Connection, Risk Management Drivers on the Romanian Banking Sector
Violeta Elena Dragoi
Lucretia Mariana Constantinescu
Larisa Elena Preda

Transport and Logistics - Interference in Marketing
Oleg Pogila
Pavel Topala
Lucretia Mariana Constantinescu

Causal Recipes for Cultural Adaptation of Romanian Football Players
Daniel Lovin
Alexandru Capatina
Denis Bernardeau-Moreau

Configurations of Causal Conditions Leading to Geotagged Image and Social Context Recognition in the Case of AI Media Platform
Adrian Micu
Alexandru Capatina
Angela-Eliza Micu
Robert Rusu
Constantin Avram

Neuromanagement – the Impact of Neuroscience on the Organizational Performance
Alina Mirela Teacu (Parincu)

Possibilities of Using Augmented Reality in the Health Field
Madalina Tofan
Gabriel Bratucu
Gheorghita Dinca

The Augmented Reality Technologies in Tourism: A State of Art
Gheorghe Epuran
Ioana Bianca Chițu
Simona Ivasciuc Causes

Consequences and Ways of Financing the Budget Deficit
Ramona Mariana Calinica

Digital Interaction on Eco Label Value Chain
George Bogdan Dragan
Gianita Bleoju

The Statement of Cash Flows in the Romanian Accounting Practice
Manea Marinela - Daniela

Assessing the Impact of Brexit on the European Union
Mihaela Neculita, Daniela Ancuța Sarpe

Creating the Legal Framework for Social Enterprises in Romania – Between the Necessity and the Reality of the Approach in the Local Area
Manea Marinela - Daniela 

Two Essential Elements for a Strong and Sustained Industry in the ECOWAS Area
Babacar Ndiaye
Daniela Ancuta Sarpe
Cyril Manga

Analysis of the Dynamics and Structure of Romanian Public Debt in the Period 2007-2017
Ramona Mariana Călinică

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