International Conference

Risk in Contemporary Economy

ISSN 2067-0532     ISSN-L 2344-5386

Dunarea de Jos University of Galati, Romania

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Conference Proceedings 2020

Main Risks and Mitigation Measures on the Current Structure of Electricity Market
Preotescu Dan, Oprea Simona-Vasilica, Bâra Adela, Bologa Ana Ramona, Preda Ștefan, Tor Osman Bulent

Neuroscience Tools for Human Resource Management in Contemporary Organisations
Teacu (Parincu) Alina, Varon David Juarez, Recuerda Ana Mengual, Micu Angela-Eliza, Capatina Alexandru

Software Platform for an Electricity Market Trading Simulator
Oprea Simona-Vasilica, Preotescu Dan, Bâra Adela, Preda Ștefan, Tor Osman Bulent

The Impact of Excessive Online Shopping on Consumer Behaviour
Pricopoaia Oana, Cadinoiu Mihai, Cristache Nicoleta, Matis Cosmin

The Effects of the Crisis Generated by the COVID-19 Pandemic on Consumer Behavior Regarding Brand Purchasing
Zaif (Popa) Alexandra, Cerchia(Ionascu) Alina-Elena, Micu Adrian

Evolutions and Trends Regarding the Pharmaceutical Sector in Romania
Hada Izabela Diana

Risk Management in International Projects with Teams in the Virtual Environment – Literature Review
Dumitrascu-Băldău Iulia, Căpătînă Alexandru

Trends in Population Consumption in Romania
Nechita Daniela, Moisescu Florentina

Rescheduling the Payment of tax Liabilities. A Case Study on Companies From Galati County
Badiu Cristina Elena

Economic Effects of the Implementation of the BEPS Plan in Romania
Fortea Costinela, Antohi Valentin Marian, Zlati Monica Laura, Lăzărescu Ioana

Machine Learning in E-Commerce
Enache Maria Cristina

Perspectives for Economic Recovery after the Covid Crisis 19
Sava Valentin, Tureatcă Manuela-Violeta

Improving Risk Management by Leader through Motivation and Performance
Popescu Constanta, Dumitrache (Torcica) Gheorghita, Georgescu Diana – Nicoleta

The Impact of Human Resources Management Policies on Teachers’ Performance in Pre-university Education: A Comparative Analysis of Romania and Other States
Răducan (Nita) Monica, Matis Cosmin 

Romania's Public Debt - An Overview in European context
Lăzărescu Ioana, Ioan Viorica, Fortea Costinela

Insights into the Influence of Temperament and Materialism on the Pass-Along Behaviour of Generations Y and Z
Cristache Nicoleta, Oprit-Maftei Carmen, Micu Adrian, Radutu Andrei 

The impact of COVID 19 on Romanian Employees and Companies from the Agri-food Sector
Ogrezeanu Marius

Inequality of Opportunity for Roma in Europe
Ichim Arabela, Neculita Mihaela, Sarpe Daniela Ancuta

Modeling Influence Factors on International Tourist Arrivals in Romania
Vîrlănută Florina Oana, Sorcaru Iulian Adrian, Manea Ludmila Daniela, Muntean Mihaela-Carmen, Nistor Rozalia, Nistor Costel

A Transformative and Ubiquitous Technology with Multifaceted Access Demands for the Near Future
Mazilescu Vasile

Dysfunctions and Challenges of the Romanian Medical System
Nechita Daniela, Moisescu Florentina

The Impact of the Shadow Economy in Romania
Manea Ludmila-Daniela, Muntean Mihaela-Carmen, Nistor Rozalia

Improving IMF’s Reputation in the Context of COVID-19
Dumitriu Ramona, Stefanescu Razvan

On Wellness Syndrome and Management Discourse
Ioan Tudor

Assessment of the Management of Adult-Training Institutions and Public Administration in the Southeast Region
Colan Aura, Vrabie Tincuta, Colan Geanina, Matis Ciprian 

Quality of Financial Reporting in the Context of the Adoption of IFRS
Onica Mihaela-Cristina

Changes of the Time Intervals Specific to Calendar Anomalies: the Case of TOQ Effect on Bucharest Stock Exchange
Stefanescu Razvan, Dumitriu Ramona

Use of the Six Sigma Model for Improvement and Management of top Performance of Public Administration and Training Institutions
Colan Aura, Vrabie Tincuta, Colan Geanina, Matis Ciprian 

The Dynamics of Unemployment in Romania during 2008-2019
Călinică Ramona Mariana

Analysis of Government Debt Dynamics in Euro Area Countries
Călinică Ramona Mariana

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