International Conference

Risk in Contemporary Economy

ISSN 2067-0532     ISSN-L 2344-5386

Dunarea de Jos University of Galati, Romania

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Conference Proceedings 2021

Exploring the Factors Hindering Innovation Projects within Romanian R&D Firms - a fsQCA Approach
Micu Adrian
Capatina Alexandru
Micu Angela-Eliza

Organizational Politics and its Effect on the Motivation of Workers and Volunteers in Emergency Organizations in Israel during the Coronavirus Period
Abitbul Shimon Eliyahu
Bibu Nicolae
Dănăiață Doina
Sala Diana

Empirical Evidence on Business Incubators' Role in Strengthening Entrepreneurship – A Comparative Study Italy vs. Romania
Empoli Giuseppe
Capatina Alexandru
Codignola Federica

IoT Implications on Adapting the Educational Offer of Universities
Rodica Pripoaie
Irina Olimpia Susanu
Abitbul Shimon Eliyahu

A Comparative Analyses of Educational Leadership Practices in European Countries: The Role of Neuroleadership Consulting Services
Jicman Enache Mioara
Teacu Spac Catalina
Teacu Parincu Alina

Study on the Impact of Social Barriers on Women Managers and Entrepreneurs
Vrabie Gudană Tincuta

The Effect of Changing Production Items Because of Covid-19 on Manufacturing Industry
Ayvaz Guven Emine Turkan
Comuk Pinar
Guven Huseyin

Can a Budget Simulation Model of Decentralized Territorial Authorities be Enhanced by an Artificial Intelligence Method
Tsikomia Amaïde Arsan Miriarison

Approaches Regarding the Continuous Training of Human Resources in Education as an Element of School Performance in the Context of Organizational Culture
Raducan (Nita) Monica

Domestic Tourism in Braşov - The Effect of Manifesting the Interest of Being a Tourist in Your Own City
Pricopoaia Oana
Busila Andreea
Cristache Nicoleta
Andrei Valentin Florin

Exploring the Antecedents of Fast Digital Transformation Of Museums in the Context of Covid-19 Pandemic
Ilie Cosmin
Schin George

The Main Risks and Threats Posed by the COVID 19 Pandemic on the Supreme Audit Institutions
Lazăr (Plesa) Teodora Nicoleta
Popescu Constanta
Andrei Valentin Florin

Econometric Analysis of Budgetary Executions of the Decentralized Territorial Collectivities
Tsikomia Amaïde Arsan Miriarison

Literature Review and Evolution of Beneficial Owner Concept. Views from the Accountancy Profession
Mihai Iuliana Oana
Radu Riana

The Effect of Fiscal Policy Measures on the Budget Deficit
Badiu (Cazacu) Cristina Elena

Cost-benefit Analysis Models Relevant to Social Care Services
Parvulescu Aurelia Oana

Reducing Conflicts Created by Organizational Change Through Knowledge of Education Employee Personality
Nicolae (Stan) Ana-Maria
Mihai (Vasile) Iuliana

TOQ Effects on the Romanian Foreign Exchange Market
Dumitriu Ramona
Stefanescu Razvan

Blockchain in Ecommerce
Enache Maria Cristina

IoT as a Central Disruptive Technology in the Development of Hyperconnected Business and Social Models
Mazilescu Vasile

The Future of the Accounting Profession Under the Incidence of Automation
Moisescu Florentina
Moisei Madalina

Foreign Direct Investment - Ways to Implement Business Abroad
Călinică Ramona Mariana

The Extended Holiday Effects on Bucharest Stock Exchange during Coronavirus Pandemic
Stefanescu Razvan
Dumitriu Ramona

Green Bonds - Sustainable Solution for Financing the Environmental Projects in Romania
Moisescu Florentina
Bandrabur Cosmina

Smart Agriculture: Could IT Be the Future of Romanian Farmers?
Fertu Cristinel
Dobrota Liviu Marian
Balasan Daniela Lavinia
Stanciu Silvius

Diversification or Specialisation of Agricultural Production
Bodescu Dan
Moraru Radu-Adrian
Ungureanu George

Entrepreneurial Skills and Human Capital
Donosă Dan

The Impact of Human Resource Management on Socio-Emotional Skills, Health and Wellbeing
Frunză Gabriela
Lapusneanu Dragos Mihai
Nacu Gerasim

Analysis of Employment Rates of Graduates From Romania and European Union
Lapusneanu Dragos Mihai
Nacu Gherasim
Frunza Gabriela

Equal Chances in Education – Rights and Opportunities For All
Sîrghea Alina
Brezuleanu Carmen Olguta

The Genesis of the Concept of Sustainable Development: Implications for Romania
Stanciu Mihai
Sîrghea Alina

Approaching Optimization Problems Using the Solver Tool in Order to Ensure Farm Economic Efficiency
Viziteu Ștefan
Brezuleanu Stejărel
Robu Alexandru Dragoș
Boghita Eduard

Increasing the Competitiveness of the South East Region in Rural Areas Through Innovative Labor Entrepreneurship Based on Digitalisation
Balasan Daniela – Lavinia
Buhociu Florin – Marian
Susanu Irina Olimpia
Buhociu Dragoș – Horia

Analysis of Employment and Unemployment Rate in Romania
Călinică Ramona Mariana

Addressing Sentiment Analysis Challenges within AI Media Platform: The Enabling Role of an AI Powered Chatbot
Avram Constantin
Rusu Robert

Evaluation of Cultural Intelligence in Sports Management through Country Navigator Software
Lovin Daniel
Lukacs Edit
David Sofia

Educational management and marketing
Ilie Petrița
Sandu Doina
Damian Daniela
Matis Ciprian

Analysis of the Influence of Stress on the Educational Performance of Employed Students
Colan Aura
Matiș Ciprian
Cristache Nicoleta

Decisions under Risk and Uncertainty
Anamaria ALDEA

Optional Quality Term 'Mountain Product' among Geographical Indications. How do we Stand in the Carpathian Countries
Coca Andrei
Gabor Manuela Rozalia

The new Era of Communication in Public Administration. From Classic to Digital
Silvia Elena Iacob
Luiza Maria Hrestic
George Alexandru Istrate

Improving the Sustainability of Blue Economy through Emerging Aquaponics Techniques and Technologies
Drogeanu Răzvan
Bălan Mircea
Petrea Ștefan- Mihai
Neculița Mihaela
Cristea Dragoș

Perspectives of Including Aquaponics in Environmentally Preferable Procurement (EPP) Process for Supporting Green Economy
Drogeanu Răzvan
Magean Răzvan
Petrea Ștefan-Mihai
Cristea Dragoș
Neculiță Mihaela

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